SSB Digital Pvt. Ltd. is committed to continuing this drive for comprehensive excellence. We introduced full package of customized software and other products and services designed to keep our customers abreast of rapidly changing technologies. Our progress is driven by a unique workforce with our employees who are expert in the field of Blockchain Technology, fully experienced in the field of Information Technology.

We build a data-friendly blockchain that makes sense to integrate with any use case and industry. Smart Functions enforce custom rules for ledger updated and pluggable consensus allows for scalable decentralization.

Defeat Machine Learning poisoning with trusted data. SSB Digital’s provides AL technologies based smartfunction with higher –quality data (full historical context, immutable & tamper-proof) and a better way to access it (graph query for sophisticated analysis, multi-source query to broaden access and depth of knowledge.)

SSB Digital provides a central source of shared truth for coordinating stability across disparate micro services. With the ability to freeze time to accommodate concurrent queries and the permission at the source security model to bypass extra “discovery” layers, our solution is the data source every micro service architecture needs.

Prove the provenance and path of assets as they move through time or ownership. From document management to supply chain, our native data traceability saves overhead in guesswork and auditing.

Build the infrastructure for data-first interoperability across applications, department units and even industry borders. By combining data driven security logic, tamper-proof blockchain data and semantic query capability. SSB powers better collaboration.