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SSBDigital has continued to lead the way by applying its wide experience in public safety systems. SSBDigital is committed to continually improve upon the current level of technology in order to allow its customers to deliver a higher level of service to their local, state, federal and international communities. In the case of distress calls, SSBDigitals Incident response software along with GIS, AVL, And Crime Agent can ensure the most efficient response. The location of police officers and incidents are shown on the map in real time. Dispatch can happen over the radio, from within the police car, or through the Internet. Every detail about the incident is captured and archived.

SSBDigital CyberCrime Incident Response system provides leading-edge technology to assist call takers, telecommunicators, dispatchers, and system administrators to receive and manage distress calls and dispatch types of agencies. SSBDigital designs every feature with the goal of split-second response, ease-of-use, data integrity, and data security.

SSBD-IRS is a tool to help manage emergency communications and resources and to support law, fire, rescue, mutual aid, and EMS agencies for a more efficient and consistent response to calls for service. It provides help to the telecommunicator and dispatcher in recording activities, setting priorities, and identifying who is available to respond. Access to information is useful in increasing the safety of the emergency responder. It also enhances management's ability to analyze calls for service data to manage planning for resources and increase communications productivity.

SSB Digital

However, certain incidents call for a coordinated response of many individuals and/or organizations. SSBDigitals product does just that by allowing for the automation of any disaster response plan. With SSBD hundreds of first responders can be simultaneously notified by using any means of communications (cell phone, e-mail, pager, SMS, etc.).

SSBD will follow a hierarchy of contact possibilities until it is made contact with the individual. More importantly, once contacted the individuals will have the opportunity to respond and have those responses logged at a central command center. The central command center can be accessed anywhere over the Internet and is the hub for all disaster plan resources.

Through the command center console one can see all the personnel responding to the disaster; all the activities needed to be completed in response to the disaster; all current status is of each individual and any tasks and all resources needed for this type of disaster. Also the command center provides a secure chat line, a library for all reference materials that may be useful in response to this particular type of disaster, and a portal for any pictures or videos collected from scene of the disaster.

SSBD automatically archives every aspect of responding to a disaster. These archives become invaluable learning tools for how to improve the response mechanism to the various distress calls.