Make your business simpler.

FDB emphasizes data integrity, facilitates secure data sharing, and powers rich data insights — all in one pluggable stack. Welcome to better data management.

Rich Graph Queries

Stop the endless joins. Ask what SQL simply cannot ask. GraphQL, SPARQL, and JSON-based FlureeQL for rich, declarative insights across all data sources.

Real Time Apps

Power no-fetch queries for real-time applications. Embed Fluree as a query peer alongside your code with javascript and serve up automatic subscriptions.

F.A.I.R. Data

rovide data with the characteristics it needs to be a valuable enterprise asset. Fluree instantly makes data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.


Codify permission logic as co-resident data. Data-centric security allows your apps to bypass bloated security layers and efficiently deliver trusted data.

Time Travel

In Fluree, time is a first-class citizen. Issue queries against any historical point in time (past or hypothetical future). It's like 'git' for all of your data.

Deployable Anywhere

Cloud-native and server-agnostic. Fluree runs on any Java runtime to support your unique data governance and compliance needs.

The Data Platform for All

Fewer headaches and better outcomes across the entire data value chain.


No obscure programming language to learn. Build an application on Fluree in less than five minutes.

Data Governance

Own your master data management, kill silos for good, and bring harmony to your company's data strategy.

Cyber Security

No more thousands of APIs or leakage to worry about. No more risky integration processes that will leave your records exposed.


Output a native audit trail of every data change, ever. Hand mathematical proof of integrity directly to auditors, customers, and third parties.

Data Science

Leverage the power of semantics, build a knowledge graph, and expose rich native insights to your most sophisticated AI/ML/DL efforts.


In charge of staying ahead of the industry curve? Fluree is the data platform flexible enough for your wildest dreams and familiar enough to achieve them quickly.