Design, Development & Implementation of web based application & Mobile application for Track Maintenance Management System (TRAMMS) including Store Management System.

Maintenance Management System: Track Maintenance Management Solution as per CMRL requirement. It shall have the following features, at the minimum.

  • Work order/Job card creation based on the Approved Plan.
  • Tracking the Planned vs actuals.
  • Checklists Updation.
  • Categorize out of tolerance readings.
  • Events and Alerts with color coding and prioritization.
  • Reports and messages.
  • Email / SMS alerts.
  • Alert Escalation process.
  • Bill/Payment Certification.

Material Management System: Manage the complete inventory and stores activities by synchronizing with maintenance management system. It shall have the following features, at the minimum.

  • Tracking inventory including repair and return items/ consumables.
  • Tracking material inside the stores.
  • Maintaining information for all Track Assets.
  • ROL alerts.
  • Generating POs based on alerts.