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Blockchain is a Technology of Peer to Peer Network that works in a distributed architecture with no single authority taking control of data and transaction. This makes Blockchain secure and trusted eco-system. In health care sector it is very important to trace and authenticate genuine vaccine being delivered at the end of value chain. Internet-of-Things (IoT)-based system works on an ineffective centralized system, and it becomes difficult to reconcile different data sources available on the various platform. Further, data ownership infrastructure compounds the data access problem. The distributed action nodes in the distributed P2P architecture can secure the system and can create a single pool of digital data that can be shared among the vaccine value chain actors. It eliminates a single point of failure in transactions, thereby, increases data collection accuracy, secures data storage, and transforms the health organization and governance. A distributed ledger network of blockchain establishes a peer-to-peer node in healthcare sector where value chain actors can share and retrieve data in a real-time manner. Blockchain can influence the data democratization process in healthcare sector and enhance the participation of complementing actors on the distributed architecture.

Vaccine Manufacturer: Vaccine Tagging within Blockchain takes place at Manufacturing plant, where vaccines are manufactured. All the details including batch number, date and time stamp, contain, and other relevant information are linked with that vaccine and a unique hash key is generated for each batch of vaccine.

Distributor: When a batch of Vaccine is handed over to authorized distributor, details of that distributor gets tagged with date & time stamp. Distributor takes that vaccine batch and forwards it to logistics carrier.

Logistics: Authorized logistics carrier detail will be tagged within blockchain as well as same will be linked to the BQR Code that is carrying the vaccine. Even the cold storage temperature will also gets monitored realtime through IoT Sensor as fixed with that Batch of vaccine. This IoT sensor forwards realtime temperature information. Even GPS tracking data will be fetched and linked within Blockchain giving exact location where the vaccine is at specific point of time.

Cold Storage: It is very important to maintain specific temperature will vaccine travels through supply chain actors. Vaccines are very sensitive to temperature and gets spoil if specific temperature is not maintained. Smart Function as defined within blockchain will analyze the temperature value and will trigger the event / notification to authority when it falls below specific predefined limit (if temp >70 or < 69 trigger the event).

Health Care Centre: Health Care centre who are receiving the vaccine are tagged when that batch is handed over to them. It becomes responsibility of Health Care centre authority to keep vaccine safe till it is vaccinated. Blockchain gives complete information about vaccine handler and stakeholder, even temperature details.

Health Worker: Health workers are given task to vaccinate individuals through vaccination camp as well as door to door vaccination. During this, temperature of vaccine is mandatorily monitored by Blockchain and trigger if any deviation is noticed.

Patient/Citizen: Even Citizen can book their time slot at nearest Health Care Centre through Decentralized APP as well as can link their UID / Aadhar card details on click of a button. When a citizen is vaccinated, his/her Aadhar details are tagged with the batch number of the vaccine. This way complete end to end traceability is maintained within Blockchain Technology.

Applicant Process to get Vaccinated

Step1: Applicant visits eGovernance Health website or download eGovernance Health APP.

Step2: The Applicant enters Aadhar Card number and authenticates it with OTP on registered Mobile number. In case UID is not available, patient can enter other relevant govt authorized ID Number.

Step3: As the ID Proof gets validated, details of the Applicant i.e Name, Address, DOB, Email Address, Phone Number etc. will be shown on screen and Confirmed by Applicant to proceed.

Step4: Medical History will be entered for further reference including details of Allergies and major health issues.

Step5: Details are send to validator for further verification at Health Care Authority. Further validator will confirm if the applicant is eligible to consume the vaccine or not. And Validate the application.

Step6: After validating, a time slot as well as nearest Health Care Centre will be assigned with details of Health Worker, location, time etc. Notification will be sent to Applicant and Health worker.

Step7: Applicant visits Health Care Cetnre and verifies his identify through DAPP BQR and Verifier will validate the data provided by Applicant and available in Blockchain by scanning BQR from DAPP. After verification, applicant will be vaccinated and details will be tagged with vaccine batch.

Step8: Vaccine details, Vaccine Provider details, temperature, stakeholder details, applicant, etc will be recorded on Blockchain with Vaccine Batch.

Step9: After that, a Digital Smart Health Card will be issued containing all the details and a Hash/BQR Code which can be used to trace, track, verify & authenticated applicant on Blockchain Network.